3 Activities to Do With Your Child While Waiting to Break Fast

3 Activities to Do With Your Child While Waiting to Break Fast

Usually, the hours approaching Maghrib when fasting is a critical time for children. In those last few hours your child would probably be sluggish and bored, not to mention unmotivated. Let’s do some exciting activities with them so that they are enthusiastic on waiting for the break of fast.


1. Preparing the Meal to Break Fast Together

For Moms who like stepping into the kitchen to do all the cooking, why don’t you ask your child to join you and cook together with you? You could ask them to wash the ingredients, add the seasonings, or just stir the batter. You could also teach them the nutritional content in the foods they are helping to prepare. Other than distracting them from their hunger and thirst, this will also get them more motivated on waiting for the break of fast because they contributed to make the takjil that everyone will be eating.

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2. Playing Outside

Ask your child to play outside in the yard. Play marbles with friends or help water the plants could be something exciting for them to do. Another fun activity is to go on bicycle rides together around your housing complex. Other than it being healthy and trains their motoric skills, you can also go buy some takjil at the nearest market or street vendor to break fast with.

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3. Playing Together With Your Child

When all your house chores are complete and the food to break fast is already prepared, it wouldn’t hurt for us Moms to play with our child. Playing board games like Snakes and Ladders and puzzles or on their game console could be an exciting activity for our child while waiting to break fasting.

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Hopefully with these exciting activities, your child will be more motivated in going through their fast. Make sure to have Dancow Fortigro included in their sahur and breaking fast menu, because its’ Zinc content will increase their body endurance to help keep them active in the month of Ramadan.