3 Healthy Breakfast Criteria for Your Children

Dipublish Tanggal 29 July 2020 16:35:03

Mothers, did you know that when your children are eating a healthy breakfast, you’re not only fulfilling their daily intake of nutrients, but also giving them energy to start their morning and helping them concentrate more in school? Yes, it does! But what makes a healthy breakfast? Let’s look at the following criteria.


1. Eat before 9 am

When your children are asleep at night, their body are not getting any nutritional intake for such a long duration. Meanwhile, the food your children consumed at dinner is actively digested by their body. That’s why having breakfast before 9 a.m. every morning is very important as a quick source of energy. One meal will not be enough to provide the nutrition they need. So, eating three meals a day every 4-6 hours is highly recommended for your children.


sarapan sebelum jam 9 pagi


2. Always go for a balanced breakfast

We all know that breakfast is part of your children’s daily nutrients intake. In fact, having a healthy breakfast is the key. Since breakfast is not all about filling up tummy, make sure their menu contains adequate amounts of carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber, vitamin, and mineral. ‘Adequate’ means the meal should at least cover a quarter of their required daily intake of nutrients. Plus, you should always include fruits and vegetables in their breakfast. For a whole-awe-some breakfast, complete their meal with a delightful glass of chocolate-flavored DANCOW FortiGro with taste that they’ll love.




3. No need to hurry

Make it a habit for your children to take their time to eat breakfast nicely and slowly. To make this possible, have them eat dinner before 7 p.m. and go to sleep before 9 p.m., so they can wake up fresh the next morning. This way, your children will have more than enough time to enjoy breakfast and get ready for school. No more morning drama!


no need to hurry


To make breakfast more exciting, for you and your children, why don’t you ask them to help prepare breakfast while introducing them to what nutrients each and every ingredient has? It will be fun! And also, don’t forget to tell them what good it is doing for their body. Let’s start their day with a healthy breakfast with the entire family.