3 Ways to Teach Your Child to be Generous

3 Ways to Teach Your Child to be Generous

Being more generous in the month of Ramadan is one of the highly preached merits for us Muslims, including zakat, infaq, and sadaqah. How wonderful it would be if the longing and calling to be generous were to be pass down to our children. These are a few ways to teach children to be more generous:


1. Build A Sense Of Caring

Explain to your child that mankind was created differently, some are financially stable and others are not as fortunate. Those who are less fortunate can give those who are a chance to be generous. Religion also teaches us to help each other and share. We can help by setting aside some of our fortunes to help the poor, orphans, those who are going through disasters, etc.

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2. Set An Example

The best way to teach your child is to set an example. Try giving them examples as often as possible by filling the charity box at the mosque, taking them to an orphanage, or letting them give money to the poor. With the examples you give, they will be motivated to follow in your footsteps.

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3. Have a Charity Box Ready at Home

Ask your child to put aside a little bit of their allowance or change from shopping to put into a box that is especially prepared for charity. Once in a while, give them a larger sum of money to be put in the box as well. So they will understand that Mom and Dad, too, put aside some money to give to those in need.

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Bringing up a child who is generous and noble hearted also needs the proper nutritional support. Make sure to have Dancow Fortigro always ready for your child at sahur and at break-fasting time and of course, through out their growth period.