4 Ways to Teach Children Patience During Ramadhan

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Teaching a child to be patient isn’t easy. At their age, children have not truly understood the concept of patience, its’ meaning and how to act it out. It is our job as parents to teach them and help them practice it. Let’s take the month of Ramadhan to train our children’s patience.


Set a Good Example
One of the best ways is to be an example. Consciously or not, our children copy our attitude and behavior. Because of that, if we are to teach patience, we too have to be patient. Don’t be quick to get angry if your child starts whining, don’t complain of traffic when you take your child out for a drive, don’t be in a hurry when doing things. Those are a few examples of things we can do.
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Let Them Wait
One way to teach your child patience is to let them wait. Explain to them that there are a few things in life that has to be done by getting in line according to order. A few moments that could be used by Moms and Dads to teach their Children patience are when waiting your turn to go in the doctor’s office, waiting in line to buy tickets, etc. With that your child will get the chance to practice their patience.


Delay Granting Their Wishes
One of the things we often do as parents is to quickly give our children whatever they want. Maybe because we are afraid they would get upset or get cranky. But this won’t teach them the fact that everything has a process and everything isn’t instant. It would be better if we teach them to wait, before getting their wish granted. As an example, if your child wants a bicycle, let them wait for a while before getting them one. Give them a certain time frame or give them requirements before fulfilling their wishes. For instance, at the end of the month after Dad gets his salary, or when they get good grades at school.
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Give Them a New Activity
Giving your child a new activity while they are waiting is an effective way to teach them to be patient. Do riddles with them, give them some paper and pencils to draw, or bring them a book. Those are a few things that will help train your child patience while waiting including waiting to break their fasting.
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