5 Benefits of Fasting for Your Children

5 Benefits of Fasting for Your Children

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a special month for the whole family, including the children. Children who are already in grade school may be introduced to this, as it is one of the five pillars of Islam. Other than it being an obligation, fasting also has its benefits for your child’s health, physically and spiritually, such as:


1. Physical Health

Even though as Moms, we take good care in paying attention to the intake of our children’s nutrition, without us realizing it, they may still be consuming foods that contain additive substances, such as preservatives, food coloring, or artificial flavoring. When we are fasting, our digestive system will have time to rest for a while and detoxify, removing poisonous substances in our bodies through sweat, urine or feces. And this will make our child healthier than before.

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2. Stronger Mentality

Other than withstanding hunger and thirst, fasting is also the perfect time to teach our child to keep their behavior in check by controlling their negative emotions like anger and sadness. For example, Moms can remind their children to not be quick to cry if they don’t get their way, to not be cranky when their siblings bother them and to be more patient in dealing with any other situations. Other than that, fasting trains children to be out of their comfort zones and so they may grow to become independent individuals.

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3. Increases Faith

Fasting is a special momentum to push children to become virtuous individuals. If possible, get your child to do more prayers in congregation, to do tarawih prayers and read the Qur’an at home and at the mosque. Make sure your child does all of that in a happy atmosphere so as they don’t feel that practicing religion is something that is forced.

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4. Learn Empathy

Fasting is a way to hone empathy and to be more mindful of others around us. When your child is holding back hunger and thirst, remind them that fasting means we can feel the pain of others who are less fortunate than us. Practice your child’s sense of caring even further by asking them to set aside a little money or food to give to the poor. That way, your child will be more grateful for what they have.

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5. Learn Discipline

Going through the routine of fasting, including waking up for sahur and breaking fast on time, will teach your child that there are rules in life that they have to follow. Being discipline in going through their daily routine will also help your child grow to understand that obligations have to be carried out first before they can get a reward and will help them concentrate in school.

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