5 Tips To Make Your Children’s Fasting Fun and Enjoyable

5 Tips To Make Your Children’s Fasting Fun and Enjoyable



5 Tips To Make Your Children’s Fasting Fun and Enjoyable


1. Adjust the Duration of Fasting According to Their Ages

Introduce fasting according to your children’s ages. At first, they can try with half-day fasting then increase the duration gradually, according to their abilities.

2. Involve them in Preparing Iftar Menu

At many times children get bored easily and cannot wait to open their fasting when iftar is approaching soon. Ask them to join and help you in preparing iftar menu’s to kill time while waiting.

3. Fill Their Days with Various Activities

Prepare various activities that they can get involve with, such as playing, creating or watching Ramadan programs especially made for children.

4. Take Time to Enjoy A Nutritious Sahur Meal

Ensure that the sahur meal is full of nutrition and your children do not eat them to quickly. A glass of milk at sahur time can complement their meal and give energy to your children.

5. Give them Rewards

A reward given to your children who are fasting successfully can encourage them to be more enthusiast in fasting again. Reward does not need to be expensive. For example, you can cook them their favorite dishes at iftar time.


Mothers, there are ways to make fasting for your child more fun. Set a time for their fast according to their age, like until noon and ascending according to their skills. Prepare some fun activities and increase their creativity and ask them to help prepare food for break-fasting to run down their fasting time. Don’t forget to give them a nutritious sahur like a warm glass of milk. In the end of the day, give your child a small present so they are more enthusiastic to fast.