Let’s Teach Our Children to Fast

Dipublish Tanggal 30 July 2020 01:11:54

Introducing a child to fasting isn’t easy of course. But it is our responsibility as parents to gradually and slowly teach our children how to fast:


1. Make Sure They Are Physically And Mentally Ready

The first and main thing is to be sure your child is physically and mentally ready to join in fasting. Do not force them because it might make them dislike this obligatory religious ritual.

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2. Explain The Concept Of Fasting

Even though they might not yet understand, it is important for Moms and Dads to explain the purpose and benefits of fasting on Ramadan. Make sure to use language that they understand when explaining without having to scare and threaten them with the consequences of sins and the concept of hell if they do not fast.

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3. Start Gradually

Train a child to fast gradually, according to the child’s physical capability. Start by letting the child fast until Zuhur time for a few days, then up to Ashar after that. When the child feels ready, then they may fast up until Maghrib. You can also let the child fast until Zuhur, eat lunch, then have them fast again until Maghrib.

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4. Fun Activities While Waiting To Break Fast

The time spent waiting to break fast can be boring for children. Have a few fun activities ready for your child to do while they wait to break fast. Cooking takjil together, reading, or playing with their siblings can be some activities to do to pass the time.

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5. Make Sure They Get Enough Nutrition

Teaching your child to fast go hand in hand with teaching them the importance of good nutritional intake at the time of sahur and breaking fast for their health. Make sure your child always consumes enough carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Don’t forget to also give them Dancow Fortigro, which has complete nutrition to support their growth.

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Hopefully now with these tips, Moms and Dads are more confident to encourage your child to learn how to fast.